Technical Diving 

Technical Diving

Technical Diving

At Aquatech we offer courses in all levels of Technical Diving. What is Technical Diving? Technical diving is  PLANNED diving below 130 Ft, PLANNED Decompression Diving and PLANNED Diving in an overhead environment, such as caves and wrecks. Technical Diving requires planning, Period! Dropping down a wall in Gran Cayman on a single cylinder without redundancy to 200ft is not technical diving thats suicidal diving. Everyone has always heard that diving is a equipment intense sport, well Technical Diving is a very equipment intensive sport that requires backups and redundancy. Technical Diving also requires extensive training, equipment investment dedication and commitment. Do I still have your attention? Technical Diving opens up a whole different world. A world where the wrecks still have artifacts, Deep walls where the marine life is large and abundant. Cave systems that are so beautiful it will bring tears. Thats not even touching the surface the opportunities Technical diving can take you. If you have the calling to be a Technical Diver, Call Larry Babcock for a consultation meeting (812) 479-5764

 I am a dive instructor with another shop. All divers to include instructors should continue to improve their skills and advance their training.  As an instructor I could pursue my advanced training anywhere in the world.  I have chosen Larry and Aquatech.  Without a doubt I have received the best training in the industry!!!

 Brendan Egan

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