Equipment Techniques

SSI Specialty Course: Equipment Techniques

"Your Total Diving System is like a buddy underwater who you need to be able to rely on at any time!"

Diving is more fun and more comfortable in your own equipment.


The EQUIPMENT TECHNIQUES program teaches you how to choose the right equipment for your needs. You will learn how to fit, adjust , maintain and make small repairs right on the spot.

If you want to know more about EQUIPMENT TECHNIQUES, you can buy the manual or the DVD even without signing up for the course.

Course Content:

Your Total Diving System: The Basics
Your Total Diving System: Scuba Equipment
Your Total Diving System: Specialty Training and Accessory System
Traveling With Your Total Diving System

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Combine other specialties while taking the EQUIPMENT TECHNIQUES course! DRYSUIT DIVING or PERFECT BUOYANCY are great add ons. The possibilities are limitless!

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