Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a New Diver And Starting Your Adventure 

Q. Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

A. No. For most classes, you need only to be comfortable in the water and capable of swimming continuously for 300 yards with mask, fins and snorkel and treading/floating for 10 min. 

Q. What do I need for the first class?

A.You will need to come in to Aquatech Scuba Center at least one week in advance to pick up your text books and video. Prior to the first class, you will need to watch the video and complete at least the first two chapters in the text book, completing the study guide questions for those chapters.

Q.What equipment will I need? 

A. You will need to purchase your basic personal equipment
(Mask,Snorkel,Fins and Boots) As an Aquatech Scuba Center Student you will receive 10% discount on those items. An Aquatech Staff member can help you with the proper fit, to ensure your enjoyment of your diving experience. Allow 1 hour for the fitting session. 

Q. Are private lessons available?

A. Yes! We arrange a great deal of private lessons for individuals and groups - just call and make arrangements - we can work around your schedule. There is an extra charge for 3 divers or less.

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. To become a certified diver you will need to be at least 10 years old. You are never too old to start your scuba adventure.

Q. What is the cost to become a certified diver?

A. The complete cost of the course is $ 395.00.

Q. What Is included in the cost?

A. Your academic sessions, text books, pool sessions, and 5 open water dives, all scuba equipment used during pool training and your certification card.Free 6 month subscription to dive training.
10% Discount for Life. Free pool time to Keep up with your skills

Q. How long is my certification good for?

A. Once you are certified, your certification is good for life. However, if you have been out of the water for at least a year it is best to take a refresher course before your next dive experience.

Q. Where can I use my scuba certification?

A. Your scuba certification is good world wide and never expires.

Q. What if I decide to purchase my scuba equipment before I am done with the class?

A. We at Aquatech Scuba Center highly recommend purchasing your own personal equipment, so you can train in your own gear. By owning your own gear, you will be more comfortable and familiar with it rather than having a different type of equipment for each pool session. It is like renting a car - you never know where the lights, wipers and other options of the vehicle are located. Also, when you own your own equipment, you will dive more.

Q. Where can I go diving?

A. We offer domestic and international trips to destinations located in the Caribbean, Asia and the South Pacific. There are also rock quarries in the tri-state area just made for divers. In the quarries, you will find sunken jets, airplanes, boats, cars and other interesting things. And did I mention fish? Many different species of fresh water fish. Aquatech Scuba Center is the Tri-State’s only full service scuba travel center.

Q. Do you offer weekend classes?

A. Yes, we have weekend classes. Because we care about the quality of training offered at Aquatech, our weekend classes take 3 weekends to be certified. Two just for the pool and classroom, and one for the open water dives.

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