Train The Trainer Levels

This is your chance to become “The Ultimate Dive Educator”! Enter the challenge to train future Instructors by becoming an SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor. Dive Control Specialist Instructors are an essential part of the SSI Leadership Community, because they are key to the success of a future Instructors by creating the basis in the Dive Control Specialist program and by assisting in Instructor Training Courses (ITC).

The pinnacle of SSI’s dive professional training is the desirable Instructor Trainer rating. SSI Instructor Trainers are qualified to teach the Instructor Training Course (ITC) and prepare future SSI Instructors for their Instructor Evaluation (IE). This is one of the most rewarding and most challenging experiences an Instructor can perform.

The Instructor Trainer Seminar (ITS) is an international event where you will meet instructors from all over the world. You will experience intensive training and evaluations as well as the opportunity to build a personal network with people from other countries who share your passion. This is your chance to become “The Ultimate Dive Instructor.”


Dive Control Specialist Instructor (DCSI)

After attending a seminar you get certified. You can now train Dive Control Specialists (Assistant Instructors), and assist in Instructor Training Courses (ITC). After Upgrade and Crossover training conducted by the SSI Service Center a Dive Control Specialist Instructor can also conduct Instructor Crossovers.


Master Instructor (MI)

After 150 certifications of various ratings and at least 250 logged dives, you will be automatically upgraded to the Master Instructor. With this rating, it qualifies you to actively take part SSI Product Review and enroll in an Instructor Trainer Seminar. SSI honors your training experience and looks for your input on future developments.


Instructor Trainer (IT)

Once you have successfully passed the Instructor Trainer Seminar you can teach and issue certifications for Instructor Training Courses, Specialty Instructor and Dive Control Specialist Instructor Seminars, and Instructor Crossover programs. You will determine significantly the quality of future instructors.

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