Rebreather Training



Rebreather Diving is an awesome experience!

When you dive a rebreather, your in a world without bubbles.The natural sounds you hear on a reef is unbelievable.The reef comes alive like you never have heard before.Marine life looks at you as part of the underwater world, you will have closer interaction with fish because there are no bubbles coming from you’re regulator to scare off the marine life.

Do I Still Have Your Attention?

  Aquatech Scuba Center is a Rebreather training center.
We specialize in training on the Hollis Prism2 and the
 Poseidon MKVI CCR rebreather

Larry Babcock was the first Rebreather Cave Instructor on the Hollis Prism2 Globally 

Hollis Prism2 Diving

Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather Large

Give Larry a call at Aquatech Scuba Center to set up a consultation session to discuss all the possibilities you can do with a rebreather.

(812) 479-5764

CCR Cave

Larry Babcock Heading Into A Cave Flying The Hollis Prism 2

The Hollis Prism 2 In Action At Blue Grotto

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