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What Goes Into The Servicing Of A Regulator At Aquatech?


Aquatech Scuba Center is a factory trained repair facility.

We take great pride in our work. We know the importance of keeping your life support equipment in top working condition.Technical divers, police departments and fire departments put great trust in our ability to service their equipment for the extreme environments they must use their equipment in. Aquatech services nearly 450 regulators a year.

Aquatech never sends their regulators out for repair, we service all regulators in house.

We recommend you bring your regulator in at least 3 to 4 weeks before your trip or your next dive. We service regulators for police departments and fire departments in a 200 mile radius so please allow us enough time to get your regulator serviced before your dive

Every regulator, regardless of age, is taken completely apart and cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning soulution. Aquatech has thousands of dollars in regulator cleaning and testing equipment, to ensure the diver has safe and reliable dive equipment.

What's Involved In Servicing A Regulator 

When we get a regulator in for service, the first thing we do is check all the hoses for cracks, leaks & any other defects. We also make sure the mouth piece doesn't have cracks or holes in them. We then replace all orings on both ends of all the hoses including all orings in the pressure gauge. We then check the battery voltage levels in the dive computer & replace the battery when needed. Then we remove all the rubber parts and the seats internally and replace with factory quality parts. We use Christo-Lube on all regulators regardless of age. Christo-Lube is a very expensive, Oxygen compatible, lubricant that works under all conditions(heat,cold, salt water).

Then all the metal parts go into our special cleaning solution to remove all oxidation, corrosion and salt crystals. Once the regulator and all of its components are cleaned, dried and lubricated we then start our assembly process, every piece is torqued and adjusted to factory specifications. 

At Aquatech, we have thorough checks and balance procedures we follow to make sure your regulator is serviced and adjusted properly. This ensures it performs perfectly when it leaves our shop. All of our customers are invited,at any time,to watch this process in action. We will explain the servicing process to you as we go through it in great detail.

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