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Welcome To Aquatech, Your Complete Scuba Center for  Scuba training, Dive Travel, Equipment and Snorkeling.

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We are continuing to teach Scuba in a safe environment for our customers. Call us with alternative dates that may fit your schedule.


Choosing the right Dive Center is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting your diving adventure.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or even professional level diver you will find all the courses and gear you need as you learn.At Aquatech we are focused on creating safe divers That will enjoy the sport for years to come.

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This is not just a scuba diving business to us - it's our way of life!
Come feel the difference.

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When Experience Counts

Aquatech Scuba Center has been serving the Tristate community in IN, KY and IL and the surrounding areas since 1995. We pride ourselves in the quality of education and equipment we deliver to our customers. A wide selection of Scuba and snorkeling equipment can be found in the store. All Scuba Diving certifications are offered, from beginner and professional to technical diving.We believe that to become a safe and competent scuba diver, the amount and the quality of time we spend on educating our students is very  important. The standards we uphold are among the highest in the industry. The completion of the course will award you with an internationally recognized SCUBA certification and a life time of passion for our underwater world.

Our entire family got certified to Scuba dive at Aquatech, they are awesome to work with. The instruction we received was top notch. We went to the Caymans to Scuba,the dive operator was impressed with our skills. Trust me, people, there is a major difference between instructors out there, and we saw the results while we were in the Caymans. Thanks Aquatech for caring  about quality.

Sarah T.


 I want to thank Larry and staff at Aquatech for getting us certified before our honeymoon in St Thomas. With all the wedding planing we had to do, they took all our stress away about getting certified. We had an awesome time diving in St. Thomas.

Debra Carter

  Aquatech Is the Best!!. I never thought that I would be a diver. Don’t hesitate for 1 minute taking scuba lessons especially from Aquatech.They will take the time to make sure your ready. Its the most awesome thing we have ever done.

 I am a dive instructor with another shop. All divers to include instructors should continue to improve their skills and advance their training.  As an instructor I could pursue my advanced training anywhere in the world.  I have chosen Larry and Aquatech.  Without a doubt I have received the best training in the industry!!!

 Brendan Egan

 My husband and I took our scuba course with Aquatech , they are a very professional operation. We were well trained for our trip to the Bahamas.We just signed up for a trip with Aquatech next year to Cozumel. 

Janet and Mark Todd

 When we came to Aquatech, we were already certified divers. We did one of those quick courses and did the entire pool and classroom in one weekend from another Dive company. We weren’t comfortable diving on our own.Tammy at Aquatech worked one on one with us for another weekend in the pool . We learned skills that we didn’t do the first time. Please avoid those quick one weekend courses. Aquatech won’t even tech those quick courses. We highly recommend Aquatech

Susie G


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