Regulator Service Rates



Regulator and Other Air Supply Services 

Complete Regulator Service

100% disassembly and rebuild of 1st and 2nd stages with installation of new MFG. recommended service kits. All hoses and connections are checked. For regulators that have not been overhauled/serviced in more than 2 yrs. Most manufacturers recommend an overhaul within 1-2 years! Parts extra.

1st Stage
2nd stage
O-ring Replacement
Gauge Console o-rings
Inspect Hoses
Pressure Test

Cost $65.00 + Parts

Individual Regulator Component  Service

1st stages
Cost $35.00 + Parts

2nd Stages
Cost $20.00 + Parts

      2nd Stage Octo
Cost $20.00 + Parts

      Octo Inflator Combo
Cost $25.00 + Parts

 Extra Corrosion Removal up to $10 per stage

  Cylinder Inspection     

    Visual Inspection With Air Fill
Cost $20.00   

Visual Inspection With Nitrox Fill 
Cost $30.00

Hydrostatic Testing Including VIP  
Cost $45.00


Inflator is cleaned and lubricated. Internal bladder is cleaned and treated with silicone rinse to increase longevity. Exterior is checked for damage.
(Most manufacturers recommend BCD service every other year as a minimum guideline.)

Cost $ 25.00 + Parts

BCD Rinse and Clean
Cost $10.00

Computer Battery Replacement (battery not included) 20+ Battery  

Oxygen Cleaning 

Regulator Oxygen Clean 

Oxygen cleaning for use with nitrox.

Cost $50.00

Oxygen Clean Cylinder-all sizes

Cost $30.00

Oxygen Clean Standard Valves
(Parts not included)

Cost $30.00

Manifold with Isolator
(Parts not included)

Cost $80.00


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