Lawrence Babcock
 Instructor Certifier/Owner


Lawrence Babcock -SSI,IANTD,SDI,TDI,PADI
Also Larry is an Instructor Trainer For SSI,TDI And SDI 

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Larry Babcock started Aquatech in 1997 to create and fill a need in the tristate area.

Larry was also asked by Scuba Schools International to be an advisor on their Technical board. 

Larry's passion is Rebreathers,caves and deep wrecks 

Larry has dove the Andrea Doria and the German U-Boat 869 (formerly known as U-Who),among other deep wrecks and caves throughout the world and has over 5,000 dives logged.

Larry is an instructor Trainer in the following:

All Cave Levels


Hypoxic Trimix 

Deco Procedures

Poseidon MK6 Rebreather

All Blending Courses

All recreation levels

Larry is an instructor in the following:

Poseidon MK6 Rebreather

Hollis Prism 2 Deco 

TDI Hollis Prism 2 CCR Cave1,Cave 2 and Cave 3 

IANTD Technical Cave

TDI Full Cave

Advanced DPV Cave

Advanced Multi stage Cave

Advanced and Technical Wreck


Advanced EANx

EANx Gas Blender

Technical Diver


Advanced Trimix


Public Safety Diving

Advanced decompression

Full Face Mask Instruction

Search and Recovery

All recreation Diving Specialties

Little Cayman60

CCR Cave
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